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Jacoby Ballard

Jacoby Ballard is a white trans queer person working to support and nourish local and national...

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Lisa Carbone

Lisa Carbone was introduced to yoga for personal well-being and stress management while in...

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Expert Advisory Voices

We have brought together a diverse spectrum of expert advisory voices, including several who have been outspoken in their criticism of Yoga Alliance in the past, to maximize the perspectives and resources considered in this comprehensive and inclusive undertaking. We believe this will ultimately lead to the strongest new policies and procedures. The following expert advisors provide one stream of input in the process, alongside the thousands of voices inside and outside of yoga who will offer their viewpoints through surveys, focus groups, online discussion forums, and other channels. We also are grateful to partners like RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), who are helpful consultants in establishing professional ethics and understanding of a yoga teacher’s appropriate scope of practice. 

More to come.

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