Who can participate in the Standards Review Project?

Everyone! Actually, the more people the better. We want to gather input from yoga teachers, yoga schools, students of all levels, and even people that are interested but have not yet decided whether to explore the practice of yoga. To participate, please look out for surveys, focus groups, Facebook town halls, and other forums where a wide range of topics will be discussed and reviewed.

How long will the Standards Review Project take?

Twelve to fifteen months.

How will reviews in standards affect my existing status?

It is way too early to know exactly. You will see a transparent process unfold over the next 12-15 months. We respect the investment you have already made in your education and professional development. We promise to be transparent throughout, to ensure buy-in from membership and to clearly communicate our process and timelines.

How can I participate in the Standards Review Project?

Begin by signing up for our standards review email list. Then please respond to surveys when they arrive. There may be additional opportunities to join a focus group or advisory group in 2018. Also, look for public opportunities to have your voice heard.

What is meant by “standards”?

Standards are a framework of rules, competencies, and training practices that are put in place to protect the public and nurture a healthy and sustainable profession. In the context of the standards review project, the potential future “standards” referred to include three distinct and interrelated categories: Competencies and Training Requirements; Scope of Practice; and Code of Conduct.

How will data from my survey be used?

Information you submit via the surveys is completely confidential. We will not share or sell your feedback to any party outside of the Standards Review Project. Please know we are respectful and grateful for your involvement.

What is happening to the existing Standards Review Committee?

The committee will ultimately be retired in favor of this more inclusive process. Those wonderful volunteers will have ample opportunities to participate and we are grateful for the years of service of all former and current members of the committee.

What about enforcement of any new standards?

Yoga Alliance’s new leadership is 100% committed to the creation of an accountability team who will enforce the standards. We recognize that this is an opportunity for Yoga Alliance to enhance its service to its members. While many of us have an aversion to any concept of “yoga police,” member feedback has indicated a desire for enhanced accountability in the future. To meet that request, and appropriately fulfill our duty as the not-for-profit responsible for promoting and supporting safety in yoga, we will seek input on ways to enhance appropriate levels of accountability moving forward. We ask for your patience in this process.