Who has participated in the Standards Review Project (SRP)?

Thousands of members of the yoga community have contributed to the Standards Review Project through a 12,000-respondent survey, a listening tour, numerous virtual town halls, and other channels such as email. It was and remains important to gather input from yoga teachers, yoga schools, practitioners of all levels, and even people who are interested but have not yet decided to explore the practice of yoga.

How long has the Standards Review Project taken thus far?

Fifteen to eighteen months. The SRP began in the fall of 2017, and it is anticipated that the project will be completed by the fall of 2019. However, our commitment to continually evolve our standards as necessary will not end.

How will reviews in standards affect my existing status?

The goal of the SRP is to construct standards that better serve both the teacher and student moving forward. Any changes will be made with care and ample time so that a member’s status does not change.

How can I still participate in the Standards Review Project?

Read the eight working group papers, and let us know your thoughts by engaging with us via social media or emailing us at info@yogaalliance.org to ask questions or to provide comments and feedback.

What is meant by “standards”?

Standards are a framework of rules, competencies, and training practices that are put in place to protect the public and nurture a healthy and sustainable profession. In the context of Yoga Alliance’s Standards Review Project, the potential future “standards” referred to three distinct and interrelated categories: Competencies and Training Requirements, Scope of Practice, and Code of Conduct.

How will data from the survey be used?

Information learned from the survey is completely confidential. We will not share or sell the feedback to any party outside of the Standards Review Project. Please know we are respectful and grateful for your involvement. We will combine the learnings from the survey with those from our other information gathering channels to lead us to informed decisions later this summer.

What happened to the Board’s Standards Review Committee?

The committee was retired in favor of the more inclusive process of the Standards Review Project. We are grateful for the years of service of all former members of the committee.

What about enforcement of any new standards?

Yoga Alliance is committed to the expansion of its Accountability team that enforces the standards. We recognize that this is an opportunity for us to enhance our service to our members. Member feedback has indicated a desire for enhanced accountability in the future by all stakeholders – Yoga Alliance, Registered Yoga Schools, and Registered Yoga Teachers. To meet that request and appropriately fulfill our duty as the membership association responsible for promoting and supporting safety in yoga, we will enhance appropriate levels of accountability moving forward.