Yoga Alliance’s Kerry Maiorca (Board Chair), David Lipsius (CEO), Shannon Roche (COO), and Andrew Tanner (Chief Yoga Advancement Officer) introduce the Standards Review Project—an effort that seeks to compare seventeen-year-old yoga teaching standards against the needs and expectations of today’s thriving and diverse yoga community.

Seventeen years ago Yoga Alliance created standards to preserve the quality of yoga education and practice. The prevailing ideology at the time was that Yoga Alliance could assure the public that a registered yoga teacher met an appropriate level of safety and quality, while the community itself could self-govern to ensure diversity in the teaching of yoga. Of course, the world has changed a lot since 1999. Yoga teachers now serve a global community of millions of individuals in dozens of countries. New research and understandings in human physiology, inclusivity, accessibility, trauma sensitivity, cultural issues, yoga's history, and yoga’s relationship to the healthcare and wellness communities have brought us to a point where the standards need a thorough review.

The Standards Review Project will bring together thought and field leaders, wisdom holders, not-for-profit and for-profit business leaders, and yoga practitioners from around the world in a comprehensive and inclusive process. We need your voice. 

The Standards Review Project will review several distinct elements of the yoga teaching standards, including:

Scope of Practice

A Scope of Practice is necessary to protect the public and clarify the role of yoga teachers in contemporary society. What is a yoga teacher trained to do, exactly? What do they do in practice? How is it different in the many environments in which they work?

Advisors on this project include:

Leslie Kaminoff
B Grace Bullock
Daniel Seitz
Theo Wildcroft
James Mallinson
Ginger Garner

And more...

Ethics and Conduct

A Code of Conduct will lay the foundation for safe yoga education. As educators and practitioners we know that non-harming, honesty, and inclusiveness are prerequisites for student safety. We believe that the gifts of yoga are better served when supported with a solid ethical foundation.

Advisors on this project include:

Santiba Campbell
Jivana Heyman
Octavia Raheem
Ann Gleig
Tamara Jeffries
Roopa Singh

And more...


We believe that yoga is for everybody. Taking proactive steps to promote inclusion in yoga, we are working to remove barriers to entry, leverage cultural differences, and foster safety in all areas of yoga. This includes examining how inclusive practices can be introduced in teacher training programs.

Advisors on this project include:

Jacoby Ballard
Susanna Barkataki
Marshawn Feltus
Hala Khouri
Crystal McCreary
Luvena Rangel

And more...

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Expert Advisory Voices

We have brought together a diverse spectrum of expert advisory voices, including several who have been outspoken in their criticism of Yoga Alliance in the past, to maximize the perspectives and resources considered in this comprehensive and inclusive undertaking. We believe this will ultimately lead to the strongest new policies and procedures. The following expert advisors provide one stream of input in the process, alongside the thousands of voices inside and outside of yoga who will offer their viewpoints through surveys, focus groups, online discussion forums, and other channels. We also are grateful to partners like RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), who are helpful consultants in establishing professional ethics and understanding of a yoga teacher’s appropriate scope of practice. If you are an expert in one of the working group areas referenced below and would like to apply to be an advisor, please follow the “Working Groups” link and instructions.

More to come.

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