One woman tells all about why it’s important to know your yoga teacher’s background.

“Over the past 10 years, initiatives to regulate yoga teacher certification have failed in at least five states, most recently in Colorado. In both New York and California, there is no broadly accepted, official certification process, though many schools do seek accreditation through the Yoga Alliance, a membership organization that sets standards for and maintains a registry of schools and yoga teachers. At the same time, New York regulates the licensing of athletic trainers in the state, though California does not. The Alliance’s training standards are far more comprehensive than those required of traditional fitness professionals, with even its lowest designation of “RYT 200” requiring at least 200 hours of dedicated training. However, not all yoga teachers or schools are registered with the Yoga Alliance, and there are ways to sidestep training altogether and still become certified through non-registered programs, as I did.”

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