Phindile Dhlamini is a humanitarian and businesswoman who is inspired by the vibrant and diverse African continent and is driven by the pursuit of socioeconomic development of its people. A multi-dimensional background in research, philanthropy, corporate transformation and social responsibility has led her to become an advocate for change with a range of skills across research and insights, strategy, community engagement, project management and impact assessment. It is this combination of skills, strength and passion as well as her flair for creative thinking and a fierce commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that positions Phindile at the forefront of socioeconomic transformation and development in Africa. Phindile discovered yoga for the first time over a decade ago, when her body fell in love with the graceful, bold movements and rhythm reminiscent of her former ballet training. As she continued to delve deeper into exploring this peaceful practice that challenged her on different levels—mentally, physically and spiritually—she uncovered a deep–seated desire to share her realized passion and invaluable life lessons. Phindile has been a consistent yoga practitioner for twelve years and successfully completed a 200 hour teacher training course recognized by Yoga Alliance in 2010. Focusing on her yoga journey helped her heal her depression over time and played a significant part towards uncovering the path to her life’s purpose. Yoga appeals to Phindile because of its unique ability to be both exclusive and inclusive at the same time—exclusive as it is meant to be a time for one to selfishly connect, and inclusive in that it is for all ages, genders, sizes and ethnicities. She firmly believes that yoga can and should be accessed by anyone, anywhere. It is her aspiration to be able to share the distinctive philosophies, principles and practice with those who wouldn’t ordinarily access or understand it, as she considers that it is not only one of the greatest gifts to the world, but also one of the greatest gifts that one can invest in for oneself. Phindile feels compelled to share herself through this work, where she is dedicated to teaching and instilling a sense of pride and dignity to those who may be uninspired and feeling depleted. Her desire is to support others in their pursuit to silencing their chaotic world, if only for but a moment in time—thereby helping them to access and acknowledge the limitless life force that connects us all as human beings and all of Mother Nature. Phindile practices Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Kemetic yoga, and all influence her eclectic teaching style. She is currently pursuing an advanced qualification in this ancient tradition of mindfulness used in her quest towards continuous self improvement. She feels blessed to have the privilege to be able to offer this as her gift to the world where she believes it may be used as an incredible force for good in rehabilitating and healing, allowing people to reach and access unimaginable heights of strength and serenity from within. She is dedicated to living a life full of love, passion and purpose, and hopes that all who meet her on this path will resonate in creating a powerful ripple effect that echoes throughout humanity over time.