Recommendations from the Eight Working Groups

Yoga Alliance identified eight key areas of inquiry for this Standards Review: Scope of Practice, Code of Conduct, Core Curriculum, Inclusion, Integrity, Teacher Qualifications, Teacher Trainer Qualifications, and Online Learning. In addition to direct feedback received from members and non-members that took many forms, we brought together 10–20 independent subject-matter experts from within and outside yoga to delve into each of these areas of inquiry and to provide insights and recommendations for the review of our standards.

Through a series of moderated video conference calls over a series of 6–12 week timeframes, working groups addressed their respective topics; they reviewed and submitted feedback to a Yoga Alliance liaison; and they assembled recommendations that resulted in the eight working group papers we have made available for the yoga community’s review.

Click below to access each working group paper:

Timeline of activities across all Working Groups

KEY: Scope of Practice | Code of Conduct | Inclusion | Core Curriculum | Teacher Qualifications | Teacher Trainer Qualifications | Integrity | Online Learning