Heidi Goldman, C-IAYT, RYT-500, YACEP, LMT, Certified Industrial Ergonomist (CIE), has been called a “Teacher of Teachers” and is a certified Yoga Instructor with the California Yoga Teachers Association (CYTA)/California Institute for Yoga Teacher Education, currently the San Francisco Iyengar Yoga Institute, with 43 years of experience. Her passion and life’s work flows into the Yoga Equipoise System – Yes! Yoga, which inquires into the study of the body, mind and emotions, tapping into the innate wisdom of the body, the center-piece of her work centers around using balls of different sizes to complement and support classical Yoga poses. Her teaching style, is always evolving through what she calls “the Yoga of Inquiry and Inspired Awareness”. Having grown up in the Iyengar tutelage, good body mechanics is first and foremost as far as the asanas but her roots go deep into the yoga sutra’s and the 8-fold path of yoga. Her life is immersed into studying the scriptures, meditation, and yoga philosophy. Heidi is one of the original co-founders of the world-renowned Feathered Pipe Ranch and director of Yoga Vacations since 1976, a yoga retreat and conscious living center in Helena, Montana. She has had the honor of studying with some of the best yoga and consciousness teachers in the world.