Leslie Glickman teaches a broad spectrum of yoga, including Vinyasa, yin, and meditation. Her “Pause, Breathe, Notice, Feel” ideology is the foundation to her teaching approach. She believes there is a yoga for “every body” and strives to be mindful of the student’s experience so she can meet them exactly where they are. Leslie’s passion is growing the community; she works to create opportunities that make yoga accessible to all with weekly and annual events that connect thousands of people worldwide.  Part of her mission is to also elevate education for yoga teachers, and Leslie believes they deserve to be taught with the highest level of integrity that honors the traditions of this life-changing practice. Leslie is always seeking to elevate herself, the community, and the collective energy of the world through the practice of yoga.

An Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, Leslie’s relationship with them comes from a shared passion for building community and common core values. Partnering with Lululemon and other companies that share her values is important, and she collaborates with them for her annual MEGA class, Something BIG in South Florida, that has 2,000 attendees yearly. Her family inspires her to live every day by example and be the best she can be, and through yoga Leslie sees that lessons on the mat open up all life’s possibilities.