Over 12,000 of you – yoga teachers, teacher trainers, school owners, studio managers, and practitioners from 96 countries, have participated in the Standards Review Survey. The survey was hosted and fielded by Edge Research, a third-party marketing research firm that specializes in research for member associations.

The Standards Review has eight key areas of inquiry: Code of Conduct, Scope of Practice, Integrity, Inclusion, Teacher Qualifications, Core Curriculum, Teacher Trainer Qualifications, and Online Learning. The survey information for all eight areas is still being examined, and we will be rolling out the survey results as we complete our internal review of each area of inquiry.

Here is what we heard from you about the need for a yoga teacher Code of Conduct:

  • There is near unanimous support for an Ethical Code of Conduct and for Yoga Teachers to pledge to uphold it.
    • 91% say it is very important to have an Ethical Code of Conduct, with an additional 7% saying it is somewhat important.
    • 88% say teachers should pledge to follow the Code of Conduct.
  • Yoga practitioners also overwhelmingly support the adoption of a Code of Conduct, with 84% responding that this is very important.
  • 93% of Yoga Alliance members said a Code of Conduct is very important and non-members of Yoga Alliance agreed, with 86% responding that this is very important.

These findings support what members of other professional organizations are saying as well. A 2017 survey of association members in the United States found that providing a Code of Conduct is a must-have benefit from professional member associations.*

It is now clearer than ever that member and non-member yogis agree—a Code of Conduct will lay the foundation for safer yoga education. We agree and believe that practitioners and students are better served when supported by teachers with a solid ethical foundation.

Here is a quick snapshot of our next steps for the project:

  • This summer, the survey results will be released on a rolling basis, and we invite you to engage with us about the findings.
  • This fall, we will combine the survey results with reports being developed by working groups of subject matter experts, who have been meeting and advising on a parallel track to address questions around each area of inquiry.
  • This winter, Yoga Alliance will draft proposed changes to the standards, based on all of this feedback, which will be made available on public platforms for you to weigh in on.
  • In early 2019, the final proposed revisions will then be brought back to the members.

We continue to gather feedback from as many people as we can through online channels as well as our Listening Tour and other vehicles. We are confident that with your input, ideas, and support, together we can improve this primary support mechanism for teachers and schools to fit contemporary times, and we can create a more evolved, inclusive and safe future.

*Member Loyalty Study: A Deep Dive into Member Retention and Preferences (Community Brands, formerly Abila, Aug 2017)

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