Val Spies, E-RYT500 is the owner/director of the Lotus Pond Center for Yoga established in 2003. The Lotus Pond 200/300hr. Teacher Training programs originated in 2006 and graduate an average of 60 teachers per year.  Val is the lead teacher of the local and destination retreat programs, working with 6 additional co-teachers and assistants. The Lotus Pond Center supports 5 administrative staff members and 26 teachers, and now offers an onsite retreat house, hosting international students as well as students from all over the U.S.

After 14 years as an international airline corporate manager of training, Val decided to transform her professional skills into the service of communicating the life-changing studies of yoga to her community and beyond.  As a financially independent and sole proprietor of the Lotus Pond Center, she has met many challenges and successes that shape her profile of strength, confidence and compassion.